Birding and Bird Photography

Birding and Bird Photography Komodo,Flores, Sumba and Westtimor are parts of Lesser Sunda Islands. Those islands are the habitat of many birds including 20 endemic bird. Flores is abound with great forests. They range from lush, green mangrove forests in a healthy coastal ecosystem and tropical rain forests. Flores has two types of tropical rain […]

The Komodo Dragon

The Komodo Dragon The Komodo dragon, as befits any creature evoking a mythological beast, has many names. It is also the Komodo monitor, being a member of the monitor lizard family, Varanidae, which today has one genus, Varanus.  Residents of the island of Komodo call it the ora. Among some on Komodo and the islands […]

Flores Indonesia; History, Ethnic and Languages

Flores Indonesia; History, Ethnic and Languages Flores is part of Indonesia’s Eastern Islands. It stretches snakelike between the longitudes of 118°–125° E, and between the latitudes of 8°–11° S. The fascinating, strikingly beautiful island is blessed with plenty of natural attractions. There are white sandy beaches and deserted islands, soft-shaped hilly landscapes with beautiful rice […]