Cunca Rede Waterfall

Located in Kampung Ntaur, Sano Lokom village, Rana Mese Subdistrict, East Manggarai Regency, Flores island. can be reach by four wheel drive or truck from Paka village at Trans Flores highway near Borong, passed the bumpy road for more than 1 hour to Ntaur and trekking for 10 minutes to the waterfall or by car to Papo village and trekking passed the rice field and Wae Musur river for 1 1/2 hours.
This waterfall managed by KSDA (Conservation Area which based in Ruteng)
The best time to visit is in dry season from April to October.
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Cunca Rede waterfall

Ntaur, Sano Lokom village

Manggarai Timur

Flores Indonesia