Wae Rebo Village Manggarai, Flores island, Indonesia

Wae Rebo Village is an old Manggaraian housing, situated in a pleasant, isolated mountain scenery. The village offers a unique opportunity to see authentic Manggarai housing and to experience the everyday life of the local community. In Wae Rebo, visitors can see Mbaru Niang, traditional, circular cone-shaped houses with very unique architecture. Nowadays, it is still a place to hold meetings, rituals, and Sunday-morning prayers together.

Wae Rebo village has been supported to become the major culture tourism attraction in West Flores. Together with a team of Jakarta-based architects and the Indonesian government, the local community renovated four of their traditional houses. (text sources: www.florestourism.com)

Wae Rebo village

Wae rebo trekking

Wae rebo

Manggarai, Flores, Indonesia